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About Framtidsprogrammet

Framtidsprogrammet targets newly arrived females between the ages of 18-29 living in Stockholm or Järfälla Municipality. The project aims to facilitate the labor market integration of the target group through educational training meetings and a broadened social network. 

Participants in the program will be invited to take part in five meetings with different focus areas, including education about the Swedish labor market, digital training, job search processes, interview training, and information about the specific municipalities. The participants will also be matched with a mentor in the first meeting who will support the participant in job searching processes for half a year. Everyone who participates in Framtidsprogrammet will become part of an amazing network of women.

In the picture, you see the mentoring pairs Tua and Pascaline. Photo: Hedda Axelsson. 

“I am so happy having participated as a mentor, and especially for getting to know Pascaline! It is invaluable to exchange experiences, perspectives, and laughter with a person from a completely different background. I truly recommend everyone to take this opportunity” – Tua, Mentor

Participate in Framtidsprogrammet

Who can become a participant?

  • You self-identify as female
  • Are in the age 18-29
  • Have lived in Sweden for a maximum of 6 years
  • Want support in finding employment
  • Live in Stockholm Municipality (City of Stockholm) or Järfälla Municipality

You are expected to:

  • Participate in all five meetings
  • Meet with your mentor six times during half a year
  • Take the initiative to schedule meetings with your mentor
  • Answer texts and email invitations from Nya Kompisbyrån


Who can become a mentor? 

  • You self-identify as female
  • Are 18 years or older
  • Have some labor market experience in Sweden
  • Live in Stockholm County (advantageous if you live close to Stockholm Municipality or in Järfälla Municipality)

    Du förväntas att: 

  • Meet in the mentoring pairs at least six times during half a year
  • Participate in the startup meeting
  • Be engaged
  • Contact us if you have any questions
  • Answer texts and email invitations from Nya Kompisbyrån

Notice of interest

Register below! 

how it works

  1. Notice of interest
    Register for Framtidsprogrammet by pressing either on participant or mentor and then fill in the form. You will get an email when we have received your registration.

  2. Interview
    We will contact you by phone after about a month and tell you more about Framtidsprogrammet and ask a few questions that can help us to create the best matching of mentoring pairs.

  3. Matching
    We will match participants and mentors based on interests, age preferences, labor market experiences, and goals. You will receive an email and a text if we have found a good match.

  4. Mentorship program
    Every matched mentoring pair is invited to a startup meeting where you will meet for the first time. During the meeting, Nya Kompisbyrån will provide you with information, tips, and guidance. Together you will establish goals for the mentorship and decide when you will meet the next time. As participants, you are jointly responsible for meeting at least six times during half a year. However, Nya Kompisbyrån will be there to support you during the whole mentorship process.

  5. Educational sessions/meetings
    In the week after the startup meeting, all participants (not the mentors) will take part in four educational sessions, taking place Tuesday-Friday for 2 hours/day. During the meeting sessions, you will learn how to search for jobs, train for interviews, digital tools and gain information about what support your Municipality can offer, and much more.

  6. Network meeting
    During autumn 2022, all mentoring pairs are invited to three network meetings where everyone will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and get to know more people participating in Framtidsprogrammet. All mentoring pairs who have met six times during half a year will receive a diploma during one of these gatherings. We also hope that the mentors and participants will stay in touch with each other after Framtidsprogrammet has ended.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact: 

 Project manager: Matilda Hardmeier 



Framtidsprogrammet will take place through in-person meetings, but we will of course follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority and some of the meetings may be organized digitally instead. You will get more information if you receive a spot on the program, or (at the latest) before the program starts.

Framtidsprogrammet is a project owned by Stockholm Municipality in collaboration with Nya Kompisbyrån. The project is also carried out in collaboration with Järfälla Municipality and is financed by the Stockholm County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen Stockholm).