Klara, Färdiga, Kvinna

Klara, Färdiga, Kvinna is a project for women born outside of Sweden who’s looking for support in finding a job!

The project contains three parts; a course at folkuniversitet, a mentorship program and two bonus events

The course focuses on how to apply for a job in Sweden. Afterward the course you get a female mentor who will support you in reaching your goals.

The project is located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Sundsvall.

The first course will start in September 2021 and all events will be held in Swedish.

We will offer childcare and language support if needed.


Färdighetsprogrammet  is a course where you´ll  learn more about the Swedish labor market, how to apply for a job in Sweden and how to set your own goals. The course contains 5 sessions (once a week), are about 2 hours long and will be held between approximately 5-7:30 pm.

The course is held by educators at Folkuniversitetet.

The themes we will discuss are: 

  • How to set my own goals
  • The Swedish labor market
  • CV and cover letter
  • Interview training
  • My way forward

At each meeting, you will be matched with a woman – a so called “jobbkompis” who is currently working or studying in sweden and you will discuss the themes of the meeting together. “Jobbkompisen” is going to be your individual support during the meeting.

The mentorship program

In the mentorship program, you will get a female mentor who will support you and share her experiences and contacts with you. You and your mentor will meet at least 3 times during 6 months and will work together towards your goals. 

Bonus meetings

You will also be offered two bonus events where we will talk more about different professions,educational paths and what it is like to be a working woman today.


To become a participant in Klara, Färdiga, Kvinna, you have to:

  • Identify yourself as a woman
  • Be between the ages of 18-64 years
  • Be born outside of Sweden
  • Have been unemployed for at least 12 months
  • Want to find a job

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Contact us

Feel free to contact your local project manager if you have any questions about participation in the project:


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Projektet finansieras av Europeiska socialfonden och pågår 2020-2022.

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